NFC Smart Ring


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  • Can be set to open smart door lock, card recharge, smartphone unlock
  • Important file lock on the mobile phone, one-click transfer of files, etc., support for NFC can be used to buy.
  • Specific operation: Smart ring realizes screen unlocking by touching the NFC signal area of the mobile phone; application lock; quick launch application; sending read business card, website information, etc.
  • Only android devices are able to write on the ring, Apple devices can only read the NFC ring



  • Material: titanium steel
  • Modeling: Geometry
  • Chip: Ntag213


Package Included:

  • 1*ring



  • When measuring the circumference, the rope must be pulled tightly, with a thinner thread (do not use a paper strip) and the measurement position is at the bottom of the finger. If the finger circumference is 55M, it is recommended to select the diameter 17#, which is 56-57MM, then the corresponding choice is to wear the diameter 18#.
  • In addition to 16# and 17# are standard sizes, other sizes are recommended to choose the smaller one.
  • The most accurate way is to go to the ring store to measure your own ring, which is the most accurate. If the finger joints are thicker, measure the thicker.

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